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SRM-1200 SRM-1200
SRM-2000 SRM-2000
SRM-2200 SRM-2200
Technical Parameters SRM-1200 SRM-2000 SRM-2200
Maximum dimensions of the workpiece
mm 800x1200 (1200x1200) 1250x2000 1200x2200
Dimentions (W х L х H)
mm 2200x1400x1400 1800x3200x1600 1800x3600x1600
Dimentions for model 1212 (W х L х H)
mm 2200х1800х1400
Type and capacity of the spindle
kW ELTE / 2.0 ELTE / 7.5 ELTE / 5.5
Spindle speed
min-1 2000-18000 2000-18000 2000-18000
Filing along a vertical axis
mm 280 350 280
Drive in X, Y and Z axis
mm servomotors servomotors servomotors
Mechanical drive of the machine in the X, Y, Z
m Ball screw mechanism Ball screw mechanism Ball screw mechanism
Positioning accuracy
mm 0.05 0.05 0.05
Changing tools
  manual manual manual
Working speed
m/min 10 10 10
Attaching the workpiece
type mechanically mechanically mechanically
Win XP / MACH 3 / V-carve
Y/N yes yes yes

Standard Accessories & Equipment Optional Accessories & Equipment
Solid steel construction
Working size
Desktop - polyethylene with aluminum T-strips
Spindle for higher loads
Servo motors DELTA
Tub recirculation water pump
Computer control panel with separate
Vacuum system - pump and suction cups
Computer software for communication
Automatically switching the cooling
PC WIN XP software and specialized software
Fourth axis turned parts
Software design prints - V-carve PRO V5.5
3D software - Vector Art 3D Machinist